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Posted on 1st Aug at 12:26 AM

knees shaking you told me,
"I”m not finished with you yet."
a phrase i’d heard before
a few words adding up to
something bad heading my way
like a sidewalk with cracks 
that only lead to a puddle.
weeks later you sat next to me

Posted on 15th Jul at 9:26 PM

Nobody wants me to know
and Somebody will tell me

but They always make sure I know
that I can’t let Anybody know that
I know what I know.

because Nobody wants me to know.

Posted on 15th Jul at 10:50 AM
shittypoetrysassylyrics asked: How do you keep writing and keep writing poetry? Baring your soul like that? I tried for a while to write poetry every week, but its so hard

It’s more of pushing myself. I started this blog over a year ago because I wanted to get better at writing. And I knew that in order to write the good stuff I have to write bad stuff. So I push myself to write as often as I can in hopes that it will make me a better writer. And it’s helped a lot.

Posted on 15th Jul at 3:17 AM, with 13 notes

You weren’t very cool
anymore when you decided
I wasn’t cool enough
for you

We don’t talk
and it’s not because
of me

Posted on 12th Jul at 2:33 PM, with 2 notes


Thinking about you makes me want to smash my favorite casserole dish
The one I spent forty dollars on because it reminds me of my grandmother
It turns my food into weights
I am a glass of water three days later
You are something I don’t need
to have right now.

Posted on 12th Jul at 12:12 AM, with 7 notes

You’ve got your stuff
and everyone has their stuff
but I’d bend myself
and break myself if
it meant you’d pack me
in that medium sized
U-Haul box and
carry me along.

Posted on 5th Jul at 3:03 PM, with 2 notes

I’m slipping away and you aren’t
who you said you would be
right now.

Where the hell are you

Posted on 24th Jun at 1:15 PM

when I woke up
I heard tires screeching
and I felt more absent
in the room.
would you call it
progress that I don’t
have to cut my hair
I don’t shake when it
touches my shoulders
but I keep poking needles
and ink into my skin

Posted on 17th May at 9:40 PM, with 4 notes


Am I old enough
to ask for relationship
stability or do I
have to keep pretending
I’m comfortable falling
asleep next to you
not knowing if you’ll
be here in the

Posted on 28th Apr at 6:28 PM, with 7 notes

I will not smash myself
into smaller bits.
I will not tear my bones
from their sockets.
I will not bend until
I will not get rid of
parts of me so
I am easier for
you to swallow.

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