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Posted on 24th Apr at 1:13 AM, with 1 note

Look at my scraped knees
and my bruised hands and
please tell me why you keep
offering your self as if you
weren’t something so precious.

I would rip you apart, if you
gave me the chance. I would
be so shaky you would fall
through my hands like sand
you are frightening because
you look at me.

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You can tell me
the things that upset
you and I will
try my best not
to be them.
I’ll tell you
the things that upset
me and you will
try to swallow
them whole.
I’ll help you swim
up to the surface
when you feel heavy
if you will tell them
I fought my hardest
if I don’t make it there

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There is something burning
in my chest. My lungs are
on fire like the words I
speak are flammable and
I cannot put them out
and they burn and burn
and burn and burn and
burn and burn.

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I don’t blame you
for this anymore.
It wasn’t what you 
could handle, but
you liked what you
were getting and
you got greedy.

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I originally wrote this
in a message to you.

I am so angry at
anyone who doesn’t
make time for you.

I would clear my
schedule for a week
if you said hello to me.

I can see a bigger picture.

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You can’t sleep
and I want to wrap
my arms around you
and you can’t stop
blaming yourself
and I want to 
hold your hand
because you haven’t
a single thing to be
guilty for. 

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There’s too much
too much of me.
And it’s hard to hide
the elephant in the room,
even harder when
the elephant is you.

Posted on 11th Mar at 5:36 PM

And now I’m a
different person 
than the girl you
knew in high school,
now you’re
not a person at all. 

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It’s 4:02 pm on March 11th
and it has been two years and six days
since the day that your lungs stopped
working and you were probably going
to drown in a hospital bed so they 
pulled the plug.

I tried to breathe water today, but I slipped
in the shower and I turned on the hot water
and watched my skin turn pink.

And I can’t remember 
what your laugh sounded like.

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I need to learn how to 
need to learn how to
need to learn how to
to learn how to
learn how to
learn how to need this. 

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