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Posted on 9th Oct at 3:06 PM

you laughed at something and i knew

i could tell you the thoughts that make

me a bad person and you would 

understand them, not hold them against me

not the way you held yourself 

against me

Posted on 1st Oct at 1:06 AM, with 3 notes

I am trying to forget the
boy who took my clothes off
that night when he kissed me
but withdrew his hands
when we were asleep
And I’m trying to forget the
boy who held my hand so
tightly but when I told him he
could have it he said he
didn’t want to
And I’m trying to remember
that you aren’t those boys
that you are here, now
and you, in your sleep, wrap
your arms around me

Posted on 29th Sep at 12:01 AM, with 2 notes

You look so beautiful when you’re laying there with your eyes closed and hand stretched over mine, and I am overwhelmed that I am the one who gets to see you that way.
I close my eyes and before I go to sleep I wonder if I look that way to you.

Posted on 6th Sep at 11:58 PM, with 1 note

i worshiped the ground that
you walked on for seventeen
years and I prayed at your feet
in a hospital bed and now I go
to visit a plot of grass just
outside our hometown and
I wish you weren’t dead.

Posted on 16th Aug at 7:42 PM, with 5 notes

i go to offer you my hand
palm up, finger stretched
but the bruises on my skin
from holding on to things
that hurt me are there
and my fingers curl back
into a fist
and you don’t know how
much i wanted to hold 
your hand

Posted on 12th Aug at 2:23 PM, with 3 notes

this body has a way of keeping
all the bits and pieces inside 
and then there’s the noise
the voices saying that it can’t
and making it so it will not

look at your skin and try to 
decide which parts are the
cage and which parts are
your body with enough 
clarity that you can make 
that first cut

Posted on 11th Aug at 2:04 PM, with 2 notes

I’m glad you were asleep
last night because I woke
up and i was being pulled 
by my kneecaps and elbows
and i didn’t know where i
was supposed to be but 
i tripped over our clothes
and started to rethink
going home.

Posted on 4th Aug at 1:59 AM, with 2 notes

I was in the backseat of a car at 4 am high on coke for the first time in New Orleans
and I kept looking at the houses
and I couldn’t figure out how to get from where I am into one of them
and I realized I would leave it up to god (if one exists)
and if he chooses not to let me in I think I would be able to forgive him.

Posted on 1st Aug at 12:26 AM, with 2 notes

knees shaking you told me,
"I”m not finished with you yet."
a phrase i’d heard before
a few words adding up to
something bad heading my way
like a sidewalk with cracks 
that only lead to a puddle.
weeks later you sat next to me

Posted on 15th Jul at 9:26 PM, with 3 notes

Nobody wants me to know
and Somebody will tell me

but They always make sure I know
that I can’t let Anybody know that
I know what I know.

because Nobody wants me to know.

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